ORDER SAVE THE DATES: 6-12 months before Wedding Date.
ORDER INVITATIONS: 2-3 months before you would like to receive your invitations. Allow 1-2 weeks before your Mail Date to aquire and apply postage, stuff and seal your invitations. Orders placed less than 3 weeks before Mail Date will have a Rush Fee of $100 applied.
MAIL INVITATIONS: 6-8 weeks before Wedding Date.
ORDER ACCESSORIES: 6 weeks before Wedding Date. Orders placed less than 3 weeks before Wedding Date will have a Rush Fee of $100 applied.
Please note this is a guideline — you are welcome to order any items sooner than listed. We recommend that you have close-to-final quantities and wording ready when you order. This will allow the process to move smoothly.

REPLY ENVELOPE POSTAGE: The current rate is $0.45 for standard-sized 1st-class postage (items weighing under 1 oz). Clients who order Full Assembly Service will receive invitations with your choice of stamps applied to Reply Envelopes. You may choose from stamps available at or have custom stamps created at (see below for guidelines), and Clementine Ink + Paper will take care of getting them. If you choose to assemble your invitations, you will need to apply reply postage. Invitations mailed outside of the U.S.A. will not require Reply Envelope postage — those guests will need to use stamps from their own country's postal service.

INVITATION MAILING POSTAGE: Rates start at $0.65 and can go up to $1.95 or more, depending on weight and shape of your invitations. We cannot provide
or pre-apply invitation mailing postage. For accurate rates, you must weigh a fully-assembled invitation at the post office. It is recommended that wedding invitations be hand-canceled to reduce wear and tear. Clementine Ink + Paper is not responsible for damage caused by the U.S. Mail.

CUSTOM STAMPS: If you plan to use custom stamps, please order your invitations 2 weeks earlier so the stamp order does not affect your mailing date. takes about 1 week to deliver custom stamps. Clementine Ink + Paper is happy to provide free custom stamp artwork to coordinate with your order.

Clementine Ink + Paper does not offer hand calligraphy at this time. We can recommend skilled calligraphers who work in a range of prices. For those who would
prefer it, we do offer a Digital Addressing Service. Addresses are beautifully printed directly on the envelope in matching fonts and inks from your item design.
Pricing is $0.50 per single envelope and $0.75 per double envelope set.

It is highly recommended that you Google or use to verify addresses you are not familiar with. Invitations mailed to incorrect addresses can get lost in the mail for weeks before being returned to you.

Clementine Ink + Paper recommends starting with the most traditional wording and addressing etiquette. We recognize that there are some modern situations that just haven't been detailed in proper etiquette guides, however. The purpose of proper wording is to avoid offending family and friends, so when we can suggest alternatives to the formal guidelines when needed. Contact us for help with wording your invitations and addressing the envelopes.